If you have a wooden meterbox door, Meterbox Lock can fit a new custom door to any meter box. The door will also be fitted with a Meterbox Lock window and seal and Western Power cam lock. The new metal door is powder coated with a flawless finish which can enhance the look of the meterbox while increasing home security. So, if your wooden meterbox has a swollen and cracked door, we can replace it with a simple call to Shaun 0416044420.

We can match the new door to the colour you require. The new door comes fitted with hinges that secure to the existing wooden frame. With a new door the meterbox will look new again and provide a maintenance free, welcome addition to the value of your property.

Phone Meterbox Lock 0416044420

Meterbox door replacement hinges
A new meterbox door


Yes, a lock can be fitted but not a window. In this situation it is easier to replace the whole door.

Yes, we can match to any colour you require.