With any type of alarm, device or lighting for your home, they all need electricity. Locking your electrical meterbox so only you and the meter reader can access is vital. Meter box Lock will install our viewing windows with a water seal and compliant lock in under 30 min at your home while you are at work. We leave your new keys, invoice and payment details in a sealed envelope in the letterbox. You can pay online when you want. Up front pricing, honest and immediate service and over 211 Google reviews.

Locked Meterbox with a window
Installers reflection in the window


Your door is not replaced. The meterbox viewing window and Western Power lock are installed in the existing door. So there is no need to worry about having to paint a new door.

No, they carry a master key if they need access and a scanner that takes a reading from the viewing window.

You do not need to be home for the installation. A picture of the job is sent to your mobile phone when finished and the keys and invoice will be in a sealed envelope in the letterbox. You can pay online at your convenience.

Yes and she will play and play with you if you like dogs.

An old BR made meterbox

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