Your meterbox door hinges only have a certain lifespan. Over 20 years they become stubborn and old. They can be so embedded in the wood that they are extremly tricky to remove. As the picture shows, the top of the meter box hinge screws are rusted so badly that a screwdriver is mostly useless.

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Rusty old hinge Rusty Meterbox door hinge

‘But Perth's meterbox man from Meterbox Lock can renew them with a single call.’

A different range of meterbox hinges A meterbox door hinge that’s been replaced

Your door hinges will rust over time, potentially leaving your meter box door loose and hanging from its frame. It does not matter if you have a wooden meterbox or a metal meterbox. Meterbox Lock have experience in fitting hinges to either type of meterbox. We carry an enormous range on board and can fit them instantly on the day and give your meter box a new lease on life.

Call Meterbox Lock and get your Meterbox door working again

So do not worry if your fuse box door is sagging or hanging down from a worn-out hinge. We supply and fit them for any type of meterbox. The hinges can be fitted while you are at work and the invoice is waiting in your letterbox for you when you get home. You do not need to replace your whole box, which is a very costly job. Let Meterbox Lock bring your worn out wooden or metal box back to working order with new hinges.


Yes, we can replace them with new hinges, leaving them looking new.

Yes, Meterbox Lock can replace your door with a powder coated metal door custom made to fit.

No, due to electrical wiring disconnection and reconnection required in this situation to replace the frame, a licensed electrician will be required.