Secure Your Meterbox with the Western Power Lock

Introducing the Meterbox Lock Western Power Lock - your ultimate solution to ensure the safety and privacy of your meterbox while maintaining convenient access for authorized personnel. This innovative lock is designed to offer unparalleled security, compatibility, and ease of use for homeowners across the region.

Key Features:

Enhanced Security: The Meterbox Lock Western Power Lock is crafted with a robust cam lock mechanism that provides an added layer of security to your meterbox. Rest easy knowing that your utility meters and connections are safeguarded against unauthorized access.

Comprehensive Package: With your purchase of the Meterbox Lock Western Power Lock, you'll receive not only the lock itself, but also two keys and a keyring for your convenience. This ensures that you have a spare key readily available, allowing you to share access with trusted individuals as needed.

Universal Compatibility: Our lock is thoughtfully designed to work seamlessly with both ATCO Gas and Western Power meter readers. This compatibility ensures that your meter reader can effortlessly access your meterbox without any hitches.

Convenient Access: Worried about access for authorized personnel? Fret not. Your compliant meterbox lock has been carefully designed to be opened by your meter reader, as they carry a master key specifically for this purpose. This means that even when you're away, your meter readings can be conducted efficiently and without any disruption.

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We understand that you might have questions or need further assistance regarding the Meterbox Lock Western Power Lock. Don't hesitate to reach out to Shaun at 0416044420. Whether you have inquiries about installation, compatibility, or usage, Shaun is here to provide you with the information you need.

Affordable Pricing: Wondering about the cost? We offer competitive pricing for the Meterbox Lock Western Power Lock, considering the exceptional security and convenience it brings to your home. To find out the exact price and place your order, simply visit our website. and discover the peace of mind that comes with protecting your meterbox.
Invest in the safety of your utility meters with the Meterbox Lock Western Power Lock. Enjoy top-tier security, hassle-free access for meter readers, and unmatched compatibility – all in one package. Your meterbox's protection is just a phone call away. Contact Shaun at 0416044420 today to secure your order or to address any questions you may have. Your satisfaction and security are our top priorities.

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This is a Western Power Lock to secure a meterbox.
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2x keys

No, the meterbox locks are individually cut to your lock only and will only open your meterbox

They are essential as they give you a look at what’s happening in the meterbox if needed without locating the keys every time.