Stopping them at the meter boxes

Location: Innaloo

My job was to secure both the Gas and Electrical meter boxes following a home burglary.

meter box

Doris, a 77 year old pensioner, lives alone by herself and was out for the morning.  Two,  dark skinned offenders initially went  to her fuse box  and removed the  essential main fuses. When no one came out to see what had happened to the power they knew they had ample time to clean her home out of all her hidden cash, special jewellery and they even used her toilet.  Her home alarm went off with the back up battery and she had a alarm box and siren mounted above the front door. To silence that,  they proceeded to smash the alarm box off the wall to stop the noise. The house was then  ransacked. The offenders left with cash and jewels. The pensioner was shaken, but unharmed. The fact that the offenders initially went for her unlocked meterboxes shows they are getting wise to find better ways to rob your home effectively and efficiently. This 30 second test by the offender determined if she was home or not.  Offenders would rather rob your place and have the comfort of knowing you’re out. Then they  can locate all the hidden things that are your personal belongings and worth the most to you. Stopping them at your meter boxes by showing them your security aware will give you the best hope of the offender moving to an easier target next door. Its happening daily and will only get more popular with criminals when they become aware of how to make you an easy target

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