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Protect your Home Security at your meter box

I always hear some true life, just happened hours ago type stories about offenders.  The following are excerpts are pieces of information passed on by my customers that willingly share their experiences and tell me these stories to hopefully prevent such occurrences happening to you. Location: Canningvale,  My job details were to install a Single Electrical meterbox lock and window following a violent robbery. 10am arrive at the job and my customer proceeds to inform me of why Iam needed and what the background is that led me here. Two weeks prior his 18 year old daughter arrived home from uni to find an offender had smashed his way into their house and was proceeding to burgle the whole home.  He was packing a loaded gun and pointed it at…
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Your Guide to Buy a Safe & Robust Power Meterbox

Sometimes, a builder will include a lockable meter box when building a house. But normally a house is built without a locking gas and electrical meter box. You need this to ensure the safety of electrical devices and gas appliances in your home. Your gas and electricity supplier won’t provide a way for you to secure your meter box. It’s up to you for your own peace of mind to lock your meter boxes. This is also highly advised in any commercial business or  workplace environments. Reasons to secure a meter box. It is absolutely necessary to install a viewing window and an approved lock to your gas and electrical supplies. There are many obvious reasons why. If your meter box is installed in a place where it may get…
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Why Lock Your Meter Box

Residential homes that wish to protect their privacy and prevent a burglary can do this effectively by locking their meter boxes. If your power is disrupted for any period of time it will lead to all your frozen goods going off and refrigerated items going bad as well. Imagine coming back from a Bali holiday to discover your freezer is a half frozen; stinky mess and you won't even want to open the fridge. Yuk! Alternatively, if your gas supply is turned off it will necessitate relighting of your hot water system, as well as purging the air that now would be in your gas pipes from the pilot light at your hot water system going out. Oxygen is drawn in through back pressure and is mixed with your actual…
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