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Meterbox Security in Perth

Today’s job was a classic picture of the criminals today. It was a Saturday night and the offenders had already targeted a house for a visit. They had planned on spending their Saturday evening taking their time robbing the property in question. Firstly, they tried to establish if there was anyone inside to be on the safe side. One guy hid in the bush across the road while his mate waltzed over to the meter box and proceeded to flick the power off. He then went and hid behind a wall out of sight as they waited to see if anyone would come out to turn the power back on.  A short period of time passed. The Dad was inside - he was into his gaming and loved Fortnight. The…
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Attacked By The Things IN The Meter Box

Best Quality Electric Meter Boxes Provided Today was a rough day. The dog was beaten up by a wild cat that actually wanted to brawl with my dog. The cat was domesticated, but the owner told me it was once a wild cat that wandered in and stayed with them from that day. So that’s why it was not afraid of a dog and actually went looking to beat one up when it arrived on his property. I initially saw it at the front door step and scared it away before letting my dog out of the car. But that just excited the cat. Five minutes later it returned to face off with my puppy and proceeded to try and remove her face. She got away unscathed, but the cat…
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Your Guide to a Secure and Lockable Meter Box

Sometimes, a builder will include a lockable meter box when building a house. But normally a house is built without a locking gas and electrical meter box. You need this to ensure the safety of electrical devices and gas appliances in your home. Your gas and electricity supplier won’t provide a way for you to secure your meter box. It’s up to you for your own peace of mind to lock your meter boxes. This is also highly advised in any commercial business or workplace environments. Reasons to secure a meter box. It is absolutely necessary to install a viewing window and an approved lock to your gas and electrical supplies. There are many obvious reasons why. If your meter box is installed in a place where it may get…
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Important Things To Know About Meter Box Lock Installation

Have you ever wondered how life would be if there were no burglars or unwanted intruders? The first thing you would think of is you will not require any locks for your house. However, that is not the case and it is very unfortunate that you not only have to keep the lock of your house safe, but also the lock for the meter box. It is quite strange, but tampered locks on meter boxes are not very uncommon these days. Don’t think that burglars attempt to destroy the meter box. The main reason why these locks get damaged over time is because they are not used for months and years. Since you do not have to check the meter every now and then, you do not worry about the…
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Stopping them at the meter boxes

Location: Innaloo My job was to secure both the Gas and Electrical meter boxes following a home burglary. Doris, a 77 year old pensioner, lives alone by herself and was out for the morning.  Two,  dark skinned offenders initially went  to her fuse box  and removed the  essential main fuses. When no one came out to see what had happened to the power they knew they had ample time to clean her home out of all her hidden cash, special jewellery and they even used her toilet.  Her home alarm went off with the back up battery and she had a alarm box and siren mounted above the front door. To silence that,  they proceeded to smash the alarm box off the wall to stop the noise. The house was…
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